Solar Broker

SOLAR – We deliver the Best Installer with the Best Solution

Q -Are your electricity expenses reducing your margins, or worse diminishing your competitive advantage?

Q – Does your staff lack the knowledge and time required to manage the solution?

Q – Do you want to find qualified partners with strong financials, and proven results?

If so, Solar energy can be a solution to these business problems and it can be the start of a great marketing plan.  We start with a Solar Energy Assessment to determine if solar is right for your property. When the shoe fits, here are your options:

Purchase and own your own system

The Benefits:

  1. A complete or partial offset of your electrical expense
  2. Tax Benefits
  3. Marketing benefits – make it known your business is solar powered

Other Considerations:

  • Large Capital Investment
  • Significant maintenance and operational responsibilities

Let someone else own the system – you purchase the power it generates.

The Benefits:

  1. No Capital Investment
  2. Fixed electrical prices over the next 20 years
  3. No maintenance or operational responsibilities
  4. Marketing benefits – make it known your business is solar powered.

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What we bring to your decision and the Implementation

  1. Current consumption analysis, recommendations, and action plan
  2. Initial analysis
  3. Top tier providers / installers selected specifically for your project
  4. Provider / Installer selection criteria and analysis
  5. Financial Analysis – Right sizing
  6. We normalize the proposed solutions to help you compare  – apples to apples
  7. Project Management and Reporting
  8. Selection of Maintenance and Operational teams

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