All customers would still see a jump in the fixed charge on their electric bills. It would increase from $9 a month to $16.

When #Utilities can’t justify a rate increase they simply turn to fees as a means to improve their profit. Effectively a tax on all of us, it’s a no win proposition that especially hurts those who have invested in Solar options. Our holistic plan reduces your consumption first call 714-512-5820 before you take your next price increase to pay your #Utility bill.


After years of imposing hefty electricity rate increases, the Eugene Water & Electric Board is suggesting either no increase or an increase of 1 percent for electricity rates in 2015.

Dateline, Eugene, OR is at it again (still) as they raise electrical rates 1%. Such small increases are nominal, but as you will see the big plan has rates increasing 6.7% over 3 years. Portrayed as doing customers a favor, it actually luls customers to sleep as costs gradually climb. Don’t let your business be subject to their grand plan call 714-512-5820 today – we have answers to increasing #Utility rates.

Customers of Citizen’s Electric Corporation will note a slight increase on their utility bills beginning this month, something the CEC says is unavoidable since the business of supplying power to the masses has become an increasingly complex industry in recent years due to costly Environmental Pr…

Talk about throwing in the kitchen sink and the baby’s bath water to explain rate increases to customers in Missouri! Perhaps the Show Me state needs to practice a little “Show Me why I need to pay more.” Take charge – reduce consumption and stay competitive even as rates rise. Call us today to get started.

Utility’s August revenue slumps – Mild revenue slumps in two out of three divisions caused by summer temperatures going south put a dent in August income for Cleveland Utilities but the damage was kept to a minimum by reduced operating expenses. T…

Rates are headed higher in Cleveland and surrounding areas as the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) increases wholesale rates it charges local providers. Reducing consumption is the only way your business can combat rising rates. We help – call 714-512-5820