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Does it seem like water and sewer rates are rising everywhere? That’s because THEY ARE! In Arizona and across the US, oil is a precious commodity if you want to drive your car, water is precious for humans as a species. Take control of your costs today – reduce consumption call 714-512-5820 to learn more.


State utilities need to embrace alternate energy by 181%?

Wisconsin business – ALERT! If you don’t think this problem will spill over into the commercial side of the business your most probably very wrong. Comeon 181% increase? Take control – reduce #Utility expense, cut consumption, do it today. Call 714-512-5820

To expand its energy transmission capacity IID needs to raise electrical rates by 7.4%.

Only one question needs to be asked – if your already an IID (Imperial County California) customer, how does this help your business? Answer – IT DOESN’T! Take control, reduce consumption, cut #Utility expense, stay competitive, and better yet, take a little pride in fighting the rate increase wars that are ravaging customers throughout the US. Call 714-512-5820 for help.

COLUMBUS — Cool, wet weather kept irrigation pivots idle and air conditioners on the off setting for a good portion of the spring and summer.

Even in the face of success (70 mil surplus) the Nebraska Public Power District sets the mood for increases – challenges before us, near term surplus, wholesale rates will rise, … get the idea? Increases will never stop. Take charge of the #Utility expense in your property today, call 714-512-5820 to learn how.

Over Memorial Day weekend in 2010, one of California’s most powerful regulators hosted a small dinner party at his vacation home on the rugged Sonoma County coast for two top officials at Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

Like this is NEWS? Do you think it’s only prevalent in the Golden State? Your wrong, this is how #Utilities get rates and fees through the system. We all know it’s wrong – but use the anger to improve your business, we help. Call 714-512-5820 today.

The utility provides water to more than 1.3 million people in Denver and some surrounding suburbs.

In the mile high city rates are headed even higher. Even with plenty of white snow, water rates in the city will increase next year to pay for “projects.” Well take control today – because we guarantee it won’t be the last project your asked to chip-in and pay for. We reduce #Utility consumption to reduce your costs. Call 714-512-5820 today for the how we help your business stay competitive.

For the second day in a row, El Paso Water Utilities officials echoed the need for a $2 monthly increase per ratepayer to the stormwater fee to fund future flood-prevention projects. A day after presenting the status of stormwater fees and the need to increase rates to the El Paso City Council, E…

Yes we take increases to get water, and to get rid of it.. what a business, right? Take control today – as consumption decreases you save on both sides. We help business throughout the US take control of their #Utility cost. Call 714-512-5820 today for more information and the “how” we add Green to your bottom line.