Lawrence Kansas is ready for the worst and hoping for a warm winter.

Lawrence, KS is just got another headache as they prepare to receive gas price increases this winter. Is there no end – yes, we can end the struggle. Call 714-512-5820 today – we’ll explain the low cost of our magic which adds Green to our customer’s pockets every day


Hotels expect to spend a record $6 billion on upgrades this year Los Angeles Times In the wake of the economic crisis, struggling hotels across the country put off most upgrades and expansions, such as installing new carpeting, buying bigger…

We agree the time has come to replace inefficient lights and use those flat roofs to reduce your electrical bill. We help, call 714-512-5820 to see how we reduce #Utility bills 70% or more often with no cash and Green in your bottom line.

Utility rates could increase in each of the next two years according to preliminary budgets.

Utility rates in the Pacific Northwest have always been among the lowest in the country, but it seems to us that is changing rapidly with the increases on the drawing board. Tacoma won’t escape the wrath. Call 714-512-5820 today we reduce #Utility bills by decreasing consumption and generating power (solar and geothermal). Call 714-512-5820 for more information.

Rates are going up and Fees are increasing.. as Councilwoman Starr noted: “I think it’s imperative to reduce our use.”

Where you can’t raise the rates, increase the fees. A common story in cities like Sequim, WA. If you operate properties in the Pacific Northwest you need our help. Call 714-512-5820 for additional information on how we might reduce your #Utility bills 70% or more, often with little or no cash.

How can this happen again and again, in communities throughout the US? Greencastle can expect increases in their bills as follows: — A 47 percent water rate increase, effective Nov. 1. — An initial 11 percent sewage rate increase, effective Nov. 1. — A second sewage rate increase of 14.4 perc…

If you own or manage a business in Greencastle, IN look out. Your water and sewer rates are about to take a huge leap in the wrong direction. In our view only mismanagement somewhere in the supply chain causes this sort of increase but we are here to help. Call 714-512-5820 to explore how we can reduce your #Utility cost often with no cash and savings of 70% or more.

A narrowly divided N.C. Utilities Commission last week reversed itself on corporate taxes for utilities, raising charges to ratepayers by $21 million a year.

Some times you would just love to know the inside story. Everyone in North Carolina should be interested in the explanation of “why” this happened. Sometimes when you follow the money you find a rat. Regardless, let us help you manage your #Utility costs with consumption savings of 70% or more. Call 714-512-5820 for more information.