Looking ahead to the budget season, a 2.71 percent sewer increase is proposed across the board for all city residents next year along with tentative 3.58 percent water and 2.84 percent sewer increases in 2016.

The state of Washington has a trend going – #Utility rate increases. We know how to help can reduce your operational costs as rates increase. Call 714-512-5820 for information.



ECOreport. A recent Union of Concerned Scientists (USC) study found that America can nearly quadruple its renewable electricity in the next 15 years, reaching 23% by 2030. This comes in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal that America set a modest goal of 12% renewable…

In the US, this kind of “sea change” does not happen if the movement to renewables does not send Green to the bottom line. Think about how your business might lower it’s operational cost by reducing consumption 50 – 80%. We do that every day – call 714-512-5820 and we’ll show you how.


The Tallahassee City Commission has voted to increase electric rates for businesses. Officials say the cost to provide electricity to the city’s businesses

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The city of Ellensburg is proposing to increase electric rates and decrease the rate for natural gas for business and residential customers.

Small cities like Ellensburg across the US are planning to hike rates. Be assured a #Utility rate hike for your business is in the near future. Don’t let #Utility costs be a burden to your bottom line. Call 714-512-5820 today to see how our approach sends Green to your bottom line.


An interview with Tiffany Tomasso founder of Kensington Senior Living.

Kensington is developing a number of facilities in areas that support a high end customer. They are currently targeting the northeastern coast and California for development. They have a community under construction in the Southern California community of Sierra Madre and another in the Bay Area in Redwood City, CA. They have additional sites under development in Montclair, NJ; Ridgewood, NJ; Redondo Beach, CA; and Fall Church, VA.