Local business owners react to the city commissioners’ decision to increase utility rates for businesses starting November 1.

Tallahassee just got the attention of business in a big way – by substantially increasing the cost of electricity. As this happens throughout the US, we hope you have taken notice and have plans to reduce consumption or off-set the cost with your own Micro Utility (like solar or geothermal). To do nothing will be devastating to your margins or your ability to compete. Call 714-512-5820 to reduce your cost, do it today!



PUC schedules hearings for utility rate increase The state Public Utility Commission scheduled hearings for next month on requests by FirstEnergy Corp.’s utilities to raise …

Prices for electricity may be headed up in the areas of Pennsylvania serviced by First Energy Corp. Do what you’ve been talking about for months – get efficient, reduce cost, and consumption with proven 21st century technology. Call 714-512-5820 for all the help you need.