Berlin utility Connecticut Light and Power said Friday that it has asked for regulatory approval to increase its standard service rate by 25 percent starting Jan .1 due to recent spikes in electricity prices.

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LG&E andKU utilities want higher rates for electricity, natural gas

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why electric prices are increasing … the wholesale market for electricity has been stretched thin in New England, due in part to an inefficient infrastructure for getting the natural gas that powers most of New England’s electricity to power plants. That means NSTAR and National Grid are paying…

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The case is the first of several expected to be voted on this month by the PSC, which has similar proposals pending from Milwaukee-based We Energies and Madison-based Madison Gas & Electric Co.

Wisconsin Public Service Commission has several decisions to make regarding fees in the next few months. One can not imagine a scenario which is positive for business. We help you reduce consumption realizing “The least expensive kilowatt, is the one not used.”… Jacob Goldman. So true!

Massachusetts utility regulators have rejected a request by the attorney general’s office to spread the impact of high winter electricity bills over a full year.

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