COLUMBUS — The state’s largest electric utility is holding the line on retail rates for the second straight year while charging wholesale customers a slightly higher amount in 2015.

If you do business in Nebraska, the chain reaction has begun and it’s simply a matter of time before your rates start higher. We help customers reduce consumption and we urge your business to get busy today before Utility costs begin taking substantial chunks of margin from your business. Call 714-512-5820 to add Green to your bottom line.


Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. (O&R) today filed electric and natural gas base rate increase requests with the New York State Public Service Commission (NYSPSC). If approved by the Commission, these rates would become effective November 1, 2015.

Even in New York rates are set to increase. We can help control the increase for years to come by managing consumption to the lowest possible level. We do so without interfering with your business and often with little or no cash. We always require the investment earn investment grade returns. Call 714-512-5820 today to add Green to your bottom line.

The other shoe dropped Friday for electricity customers in the Valley, with the Western Massachusetts Electric Co. seeking a 29

Businesses operating in Massachusetts really need our help as rates continue to rise because of increases in the supply of NatGas to the generation site. Our strategy works perfect for this scenario, we are all about reducing consumption. We realize the cheapest Watt is the Watt not used. Call 714-512-5820 today to see how we can add Green to your bottom line.

Utility officials are asking for an overall 5 percent base rate increase for Lakeland Electric customers.

Rates are headed higher everywhere and Florida is no exception. The only sure way to reduce this business risk is to reduce consumption – our specialty. Call today to learn how we can add Green to your bottom line.

Birmingham Water Works customers will pay 3.9 percent more on their utility bills beginning Jan. 1 under a new budget approved by the board today.

The cost of water is going up in Birmingham, AL. Don’t be left behind, start your Energy Conservation plan today. It would be our privilege to help. Call us today.

Renewable energy advocates paint the decision as an attack on rooftop solar.

We are good at our work, but we have no way to fight the rats hanging around the PSC in Wisconsin! Back to back fee increases of 83 and 75% = gross mismanagement or collusion to protect the monopoly. We believe it’s the monopoly protecting the monopoly and the customers should be outraged.