INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 29, 2014) – Indianapolis residents could see an increase in their electric bills next year. On Monday, Indianapolis Power & Light requested a rate increase with the Indiana U…

Although the article is silent, the top 10 questions on the IPL site clearly indicates business rates are increasing. We control those increases with conservation because we know the cheapest Watt is the Watt never purchased. Let us know how we can help your business improve property value and reduce operational | Direct: 714-512-5820


We live in an exciting time. Yes, glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, and in my new home in the Western United States, earlier…

We see the same trends developing independently, and in a collective way, converging to make the transition amazing to watch. We conserve first, generate last – but whatever way you decide to partake in the revolution, get | Direct: 714-512-5820

Five real estate executives weigh in on what it will take to unlock $1.4 trillion in net energy savings through commercial building…

Five executives that understand the financial benefits of Energy Management – a quick read, establishes the benefits from those who have experienced the benefits we work to provide.

Black Hills Corporation’s (BKH) unit received a rate hike approval, which will result in additional annual revenues of $3 million from 2015.

Colorado and Kansas customers will be receiving an undesired gift this next year as Black Hills Corp. increases it’s electric and gas rates to improve it’s financials. We work with companies throughout the US to reduce consumption, improve operating earnings, and increase property value. | 714-512-5820

LAWRENCE, Kan., Dec. 16, 2014 -Black Hills Corp. (NYSE:BKH) subsidiary Black Hills Energy today received approval of a rate case settlement from the.

Profits will be a little harder to come by for KS businesses this year. We show you how to conserve and grow your bottom line.To learn how we Manage your Energy contact us at | 714-512-5820

The Illinois Commerce Commission has approved rate increases for the state’s two main electric utilities: ComEd and Ameren Illinois.

Electric rates are on the rise everywhere, but double digit increases are hitting most of Illinois very hard. Don’t let your profits evaporate call us today to reduce consumption, improve profits, and protect margins. | 714-512-5820

Thomas Kogut, a spokesman for the PUC, has said many regional utility companies have filed for increases because of constraints on the gas pipeline that force up the price of electricity generation. The chief of staff of the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources office, Nicholas Ucci, will expl…

Rate increases have been proposed throughout the Northeast. Several of our customers are taking action. Don’t be left behind with profits tumbling. Let’s reduce consumption to get a handle on rising costs. | 714-512-5820