The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority on Monday preliminarily approved a $130 million increase in the distribution rates of Berlin electric utility Connecticut Light & Power, a significant reduction in what the company asked for.

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The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission approved an agreement Tuesday to settle Avista’s request to increase electric and natural gas rates for its customers in Washington. Under the…

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City Council passed the proposed 2015 budget Monday after it narrowly approved an amendment to include a 10 percent increase in the water utility rate for Evanston residents. The passed budget stands at $257,268,137, down from more than $260 million, which was originally proposed in October. The …

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WILLMAR — Willmar Municipal Utilities Commissioners have taken under advisement a consultant’s recommendation to increase electric rates an average of 4.5 percent and a recommendation to increase water rates an average of 20 percent, both in 2015. Results of a study by Dave Berg of Dave Berg Co…

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The state Public Service Commission approved Madison Gas & Electric’s proposed utility rate increase Wednesday, according to a city press release.

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