JEFFERSON — Jefferson Utilities is seeking new electric rates to boost revenue by 3.91 percent in order to keep apace with inflation and maintain its infrastructure, according an application filed with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

It seems every Wisconsin utility is petitioning the PUC for an increase but keeping up with inflation won’t cut it for most PUC’s. We’ll see what Wisconsin decides to do. We improve building value and reduce operational expense with Energy Management strategies that apply to all | 714-512-5820


MADISON, WI (WTAQ) – Folks in south central Wisconsin are about to pay more for electricity, for the same reason they’re paying less for gasoline. Thursday, the state Public Service …

Businesses in Madison Wisconsin that had not taken steps to reduce consumption will have their margins trimmed by an electrical rate increase of nearly 4%. We fix those problems for this rate increase and all those in the | 714-512-5820

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Bonneville Power Administration has proposed rate increases averaging 6.7 percent for the power it sells largely to public utilities in its four-state Northwest area.

Increasingly utilities have focused on transmission costs as an equal component of price. We know the cheapest Watt is the Watt you never use. Our job is to elminimate the use of Watts to reduce your electric bill. Call today to find out | 714-512-5820