State utility regulators have granted Commonwealth Edison higher rates for next year, as electric bills continue to rise to finance ComEd’s $2.6 billion grid modernization.

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Chicago’s natural gas utility nears approval of a hefty delivery rate increase, even as its parent wants the same regulators to OK its $5.7 billion sale of a Wisconsin utility holding company.

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El Paso water and sewer rates will increase 8 percent next spring if the El Paso Public Service Board approves the rates at its monthly meeting Wednesday.

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Asking for a 9.6 percent “base rate adjustment,” Kentucky Utility (KU) officials say through this increase they hope to recover cost…

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Dateline Montgomery, Alabama: Alabama Power Company rate increase takes effect Jan. 1.

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Dateline Amarillo Texas: For all customer classes combined, Excel Energy proposes an increase of 6.7% increase accounting for base rates and fuel costs.

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