National Grid customers can expect to see a significant increase on their electric bill this winter.

National Grid rates are driving down profits. We can help reduce consumption and demand to in effect lower your bill despite the 23% rate increase authorized this last September. Call or | 714-512-5820


When Damon Michaels heard National Grid’s electricity rates were going up, he immediately started looking for alternatives.

You can save by using alternative suppliers in Massachusetts# and in many deregulated# states. However, as the article indicates the devil is in the detail – we help you understand and compare the detail to be sure you have the best price and terms. Equally important, we monitor the rates to keep you informed of changes and we renegotiate contracts when other alternatives make sense for your business. Click or call to see how we might help reduce your energy | 714-512-5820

Peoples Gas customers will pay more beginning next month

Chicago# Rates rarely go down but we can drive your consumption to 50% of what it is today and the benefits can dramatically improve your bottom line. Call or click to explore the investment grade returns we bring to every | 714-512-5820

ST. CHARLES, MO (KPLR)- You’ll soon be digging deeper into your wallet to pay the light bill if Ameren Missouri has its way. The utility company is asking for a rate hike that could cost some famil…

Utility rates in Missouri are soon to go up by 10% if Ameren Missouri gets it’s request approved. We help business throughout the US reduce demand and consumption to control costs and increase profits. We can help you. Call or | 714-512-5820

In recent years, Fort Morgan has been able to boast some of the lowest residential electric rates in Colorado.

Generally speaking it’s true, Colorado# has faired well against the increased rates proposed in most states across the US – but that’s about to change! We help you make rate increases irrelevant by controlling your total energy strategy. Our goal is always to recommend financially responsible measures to improve business yield. Call or click to find out | 714-512-5820

The second half of a two-part rate increase for Gulf Power customers to fund a renovation of the utility’s power grid will take effect this month.

Businesses serviced by Gulf Power in the Florida panhandle area have seen their electrical rates increase over the past year. We help you reduce consumption to lower your bills, increase appraised building value and increase operational earnings. Click or call: | 714-512-5820

Mountaineer Gas Co. filed a request with the West Virginia Public Service Commission Jan. 5 to increase gas rates and charges to achieve an additional $12.2 million in annual revenue.

WestVirginia# Mountaineer has requested a 4.1% increase in the rate for gas it supplies customers across the state. If approved the increase will be realized by businesses effective February 4th. We help customers reduce consumption to lower expenses, improve property value and earnings throughout the US. Contact us | 714-512-5820