LADWP Customers Listen UP ! The planned 25% to 45% cumulative increase in rates will eventually cost between $1 billion and $2 billion A YEAR !

We hate saying we told you so, but mismanagement runs amuck at LADWP. We know you need to ACT NOW. Rates will increase 5% to 8% a year over the next five years – eventually that’s real money to any business! Let us help you reduce consumption to soften that blow to your budget. Call or click today for HELP! | 714-512-5820 | @ManagedGreen


#Pennsylvania For West Penn Power’s 720,000 customers in 23 counties surrounding Pittsburgh, that means a typical monthly bill could increase 13.1 percent increase.

Wow, it might have been a while since FirstEnergy took an increase but 13.1% can be disastrous to a business who’s consumption needs represent a large chunk of the operating expense. We help companies reduce consumption and demand – the result lower Utility bills. Call or click today for more | 714-512-5820 | @ManagedGreen