Procurement (Gas and Electric)

Where competition becomes your advantage

 Reverse Action

We use a powerful tool proprietary tool that delivers the lowest price and best terms by creating competition for your business.

When most people think of an auction, it’s where the seller initiates the process, looking for buyers with the highest bid. In a Reverse Auction, all that changes. The buyer starts the process, seeks out sellers, and the lowest bid is the ultimate prize. We make sure YOU’RE in control – not the Service Provider.

Reverse Auction Benefits

  • lower pricing through real-time competition
  • open playing field for new and experience sellers alike
  • time savings, with multiple suppliers contacted at one time for quotes and proposals
  • less paperwork; all documentation online
  • faster process and greater control; an immediate ‘apples-to-apples,’ side-by-side comparison of offers and bids
  • increased reach and options
  • transparency in the marketplace

We make the process simple and effective – driving down prices through technology, for a variety of services:

Electric | Natural Gas | Demand Response | Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Municipal Energy Aggregation (MEA)


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